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Did you know a year of specialized service for a child can cost upwards of $15,000? Additionally, while some services like speech, language, and occupational therapy may be covered by insurance, other services like learning remediation and neuropsychological testing are not.

Every dollar you generously donate to FundEd Chicago goes directly to helping students in need.


I struggled to even find a tutor for my son who had a learning disability. I never thought that it would be possible to find trained, certified professionals that could help me. There is no way I could have afforded their expertise. Now my son is reading at grade level and his teachers are impressed by his progress. Thank you so much FundEd Chicago


Where the Money Goes...

The hours are going directly to support children in need.

Our Donors

Doctorate ($7500+)
Jason Lohner and Jessica Wacker
Scott Schweighauser and Liz Ellrodt
Masters ($5000 - $7499)
Arnold Family Foundation
Gillian Flynn Foundation
Undergraduate ($2500-$4999)
Clive and Kate Sirkin
Megan Donahue
Melissa Lupella
Mike and Robin Zafirovski
High School ($1000 - $2499)
Charles and Joan Moore
Dr. Mark Rudberg and Ms. Ellory Peck
Frank Catania
Fred Nathan Jr. and Arlyn Nathan
Jim and Sharon Jenness
John and Liz McEnaney
Kevin and Joan Shannahan
Peter and Susan Hoagland
Sandy and Nancy Kolkey
Warren and Catherine Guthrie
Middle School ($500 - $999)
John Grant
Elementary School (up to $499)
Brian and Kathy Ober
Haju Jang
J Michael McElreath
Jim and Dawn Kursar
Mike and Rosanna Michalski
Molly Miner
Ray and Alexis Lavko
Russ Steenberg and Patricia Colbert
Zachery Wacker

FundEd Chicago CARES

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

was signed into law on Friday, March 27, 2020. The $2 trillion economic stimulus bill’s goal is to provide immediate relief for individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and state and local governments. 


FundEd is a 501c3 nonprofit and under the CARES Act, all taxpayers (both those who itemize and those who use standard deduction) can deduct $300 in charitable giving to public nonprofits in 2020 (before the CARES Act, those who used standard deduction could not deduct any charitable giving). For those who itemize their taxes, the CARES Act significantly raises the amount of charitable giving deductible from 60% of filers’ adjusted gross income (AGI) to 100% of AGI. 


It is more financially advantageous than ever to contribute FundEd. If you are in a position to donate during this time, your contribution will help us ensure students from families impacted by this pandemic can continue to receive the same level of support they received before.

FundEd Chicago recognizes that our world is dealing with a new reality that has caused a significant economic and academic impact. As effects are becoming increasingly clear, students need access to specialized supports now more than ever. 


We have launched the FundEd Chicago Cares Emergency Educational Assistance Fund to help families who have experienced unexpected financial impacts due to the Coronavirus pandemic. FundEd Chicago Cares is a program specifically designed to help offset economic losses created by the Coronavirus and provide direct financial assistance and essential specialized services to students struggling during remote learning.

Donate a Chromebook to a student without access to a computer for remote learning: $250

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